Dogezer Referral Campaign

Our Two Level Referral Program offers:

on all contributions received
via your referral link.
on all contributions received
from referrals of your referrals
Payment is done in Ethereum!
  • Generate your referral link by filling in form below.
  • Publish that link across internet and bring in new visitors to
  • Do not SPAM the link! If we would receive SPAM complains, you could be banned. Be creative in how you publish the link!
  • When person visit our website by your link and provides us his wallet and email, this person will be recorded as your referral
    • If person joins Whitelist, this person will be recorded your referral
    • If person opens this page and provide his email/wallet to generate referral link, this person will be recorded as your referral
    • For all other person, your referral code would be stored in this person browser cookies, so if we will use same device/browser to visit our website later and execute any of the actions where he provides email/wallet pair, this person will be recorded as your referral
    • For public ITO purchasers, the information that they are your referrals would be stored in cookies and would be recorded only at the moment when they will execute the purchase
  • If person already visited our website through referral link, all future visits wouldn't change the referrer for this person
  • Referral program has 2 levels, which means you will get a 0.3% from each purchase done by referral of your referral
  • You could go back to this page at any moment of time and see the list of your referrals by entering the same email and wallet you used to generate the link
  • You would be able to audit the transactions for our ITO smartcontract and see what purchases your referrals have done
  • The minimal payment for referral campaign members is 0.05 ETH
  • Refferal program payments will be executed only if SoftCap is collected
  • All of the payments for referral campaign would be executed manually and will be completed not later than May 1st. We will do everything possible to expidite that process.
  • Dogezer Team do everything possible to ensure proper behaviour and stability of our referral tracking solution, but as we depend on third parties, there may be cases when referrals are not properly tracked
  • Dogezer Team reserve the right to ban referral campaign participation in case of spam complains or if there is any other misbehaviour. Banned person wouldn't receive referral payments.
  • Dogezer will require to perform identity verification for you (getting a scan/photo of your ID/Passport) in case if referral program payments for you would exceed 10,000$

Thank you for registering in our referral campaign.

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